Tuesday, February 17, 2015


                Over time it seems that the “American Dream” has fluctuated a bit from what it really seems to be. The “American Dream” used to be having a good job, nice house, a couple cars and a family to share that all with; nowadays it has seemed to change a bit. It seems now that people are more concerned with getting the latest iPhone, or the hot new designer bag, and designer clothes and shoes. It is a lot more common now to find people who have a shopping addiction. It seems now that the “American Dream” is starting to become very materialistic. I would like people to stop for a moment and consider what they think is important to them and to reflect on themselves to see how much they think they are affected by materialism. I would like people to reflect on what is really important to them and put aside all of those other things that we think are going to make us happy or fit in with everyone. I would really like people to see how much all of these advertisements are effecting people and their happiness and to just be grateful for everything that they have after they have seen this photo essay. The worst thing that could happen is if people don’t realize how much all of these designer objects are affecting our world today and what Americans are finding the most important to them. Nowadays it is very common to be in line at a clothing store and to see the person in front of you drop about $500 like its nothing for clothes all for themselves. My audience for this photo essay is going to be my classmates and also my professor. I think after seeing this photo essay people may be a little shocked after the realization of what our world is turning into. This photo essay is going to take place now in 2015 to reflect on our community and how it has changed over the years to what we now find important to us. These pictures in the photo essay will be from people around Illinois in this area showing how much all of these materialistic things are affecting the world.

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