Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I believe that I was able to accomplish my goal with creating this photo essay. It was definitely more
challenging than I thought it would be. When I first picked the topic I thought it would be very simple to find people portraying this materialistic characteristic, but it was actually challenging. I found the best pictures just walking around stores observing people and the objects in the store. I planned to make a PowerPoint that would mainly just inform people about materialism in America and I believe that I did that. I don’t think I was too bold in my photo essay but more informative, which is what I wanted. I think after people view this photo essay they will be able to take a step back and reflect on their own lives and see how materialism may be affecting them. I think I was able to get a wide range of pictures to add into my photo essay which consisted of people, objects, cars, and the inside of a store. Overall I think I set out to inform people about materialism in America and I think I accomplished that through my photo essay.

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