Thursday, January 22, 2015

Writing and Design

From this discussion about writing and design it has better helped me understand that there is so much design and art that actually goes into writing. The two go hand in hand when trying to write an essay or any type of writing. It is easy to write an OK paper but when you put in the design and artistic aspect into it, that is what makes the essay or any type of writing great. Design really plays a key role in audience. If there is no design in writing it is going to be very hard to actually capture the audience and keep them interested through the whole writing. i think the design aspect of written communication is really what differentiates people and makes them stand out. I think that is why i have always struggled with writing because i feel like i don't have that artistic and creative ability in me to really make a paper stand out and to capture an audience's attention. I have friends and family members that bring that aspect into their writing and i envy them for that because it makes me just want to read more of what they wrote and really keeps me focused in on what i am reading. This discussion has really opened my eyes to see how much really goes into written communication and making that connection between writing and design.

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